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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Coins To Invest In 2019

Today, I’m bringing you the best cryptocurrency coins you can invest in 2019.

This is the Q2 of the year 2019. And there are thousands of crypto coins in the market.

So, the first and foremost question?

cryptocurrency investment

Should I invest in cryptocurrency?

The answer is yes. Cryptocurrency is on the rise after a massive downfall. You can look at the price of BTC it is on the bull run now. No doubt we are gonna see a new high now.

Investing in cryptocurrency is quite easy.

Trading is an act of being active and intelligence.

Holding is an act of patience.

I’m gonna explain it all. But let’ get first to our list of top 5 cryptocurrency coins to invest in 2019 –

Top 5 Cryptocurrency To Invest In

Bitcoin [BTC]


Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency right now with the market cap of $174 Billion. 

The current price of BTC is $9798 which is about to cross $10000 mark after a long correction.

It is very wise to invest in Bitcoin right now, as it has corrected itself & is on the bull run. It is well prediction that it will cross the $15000 mark in the near future.

That is 50% of the profit you would be generating in a small time frame.

Advice – 

Take your profits in every $500 mark.

i.e $10000 to $10500, $10500 to $11000 & so on. With short trade in between. Just keep in mind sell when green, buy when red. (Do not panic)Bitcoin

Current Price – $9735

Prediction – $13500

Bull Run – $15000

*With the current moment,$13500 is not far away. If it can crack it $15000 will not be a bigger target. 

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Binance Coin [BNB]


Binance Coin is created by the biggest cryptocurrency exchange known as Binance. It is the most trusted and most secured exchange right now.

The price of BNB has been constantly been increasing, even in the downtrend of BTC. This is due to BNB being used as a trading coin on the exchange. For every trade made, BNB is used for maker and taker fee.

It’s a good concept for using the coin.

There are currently 141 Million coins in circulation. The market cap of Binance Coin is higher than ever at $5.347 Billion.

I rank Binance Coin as the most stable coin that has been constantly on the rise even when the Bitcoin was on the fall.

Currently, the price of BNB is $38, But it’s not near to what it should be.

BNB Prediction

Advice –

Trade BNB with USDT pair.

Current Price – $38.8

Prediction – $50

Bull Run – $70

*Just like all the BTC trades happening now. Most of the transactions will be using BNB to pay trade fees. It will go on. 

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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Once Bitcoin Cash used to cost $4000 when BTC was $20000. It was a good time.

Now that we are into the recovery phase, BCH is also about to boost up.

Bitcoin Cash has a market cap of $9.79 Billion. With the price of $447.

BCH & BCHABC are the same. Majority of the exchanges out there use BCHABC as BCH.

You can buy BCH on Binance with BCHABC.

Bitcoin Cash Prediction

Current Price – $447

Prediction – $1200

Bull Run – $2000

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Ethereum [ETH]


Ethereum is the next biggest coin to Bitcoin.

It has a market cap of $33.417 Billion with the current price of $314.

It’s no doubt Ethereum has been the best alternative to Bitcoin. Ethereum is based on Ethash algorithm.

We can see that now ETH is having an uptrend. If it goes on we will be going back to our previous position of $800 and then $1200.

ETH is easy to buy. Ethereum has been constantly growing from its all-time low of $86.

Hell, I just realised that’s a lot of profit. Approx 265% since DEC 2018.

ETH is available to buy on Coinbase. Or if you have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you can buy it on an exchange like Binance.


Current Price – $314

Prediction – $800

Bull Run – $1000

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Litecoin [LTC]


Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin. Currently, LTC is at $136 with $8.429 Billion in market cap.

Currently, there is strong resistance at $140.But if it breaks then there is the potential of bull till $165. So, a good 18% gain at ease.

Again, LTC has been on an uptrend since 10 May 2019. That’s a good sign. Now that there is more volume inflow we can expect a new high this year.

Here are a few things that I observed –

  • RSI reaching overbought levels. 
  • MACD rising .
  • Volume starting to rise.

Litecoin LTC

Current Price – $136

Prediction – $160- $165

Bull Run – $180

If the whales demand more then we can even crush $180 easily.

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Bitcoin is the ultimate coin to invest right now. Considering its 2V’s – Volume and Volatility its better to be dominant on BTC.

But other options are not to be forgotten. As a trader, I recommend having a portfolio of different coins so that you don’t lose on a single coin.

Buy when red, sell when green. But study and invest.

I’ve seen many people do not use a stop loss. It’s the most important thing if you are trading. You limit your losses when you do so.

Another thing you can distribute you sell orders to – 25%, 50%, 25%, 75%. (Don’t tell me I suck at Math.) Distribute the remaining to better sell orders. Keep on buying on the line.

My strongest portfolio? BTC, BNB & BCH.

Other coins are better for long term holdings or trading.

Top Cryptocurrency To Invest
  • BTC
  • BNB
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • LTC


IF you have all this in your crypto portfolio. Guess what you have the best cryptocurrency investment plan ongoing.
These were the top 5 coins you can invest in 2019.

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