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[GUIDE] How To Buy Ripple (XRP) In India – 2020

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So, you want to buy Ripple XRP? And also you live in India. Today I will show you how to buy Ripple in India.

Today XRP Ripple Price in INR is –

⇣ 0.000000
9 Jun
⇡ 0.000000

Read – What Is Ripple?

In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, you might wanna invest in Ripple (XRP). There are other currencies too where you can invest like – Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin.

To gain more knowledge about investment in Ripple, I recommend you read these –

Today, I’m going to mention two of the methods to buy Ripple in India if you are a resident of India.

There are several ways you can buy XRP, through the exchange.

There are several different exchanges in India, where you can buy and sell XRP. Also, you are able to use international exchanges.



How To Buy Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency In India?

You can easily buy Bitcoins in India, but buying Ripple may not seem that easy because there are not enough exchange portals here.

Let’s start with method 1 of Buy XRP India –



If you want to directly buy Ripple (XRP) you can buy it from WazirX.

WazirX is one of the trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in India. A few months back they were acquired by Binance, which makes then even more legit.

The Good thing about WazirX is you can deposit INR to your WazirX wallet from your bank account and but XRP/INR.

Also, the ultimate great thing is WazirX support P2P of XRP.

They are pretty fast in service.

But, I would suggest you not to keep your Ripple coins in exchange portals like this. After buying Ripple you can store it on the Hardware Wallets.

But, I would highly recommend you keep your Ripple Coins in safer and most trusted wallets such as Ledger Nano S. It only costs about $60 and it is easier to use.

Step 1: Sign up for WazirX. It is a pretty easy process you don’t have to spend much time.

Step 2: Verification. You must verify your Phone & Email in order to use some access codes. Whenever you want to log in you will always get an access code to your email and phone. So, that’s very secure.

Step 3: In order to use everything you will have to complete their KYC process. For the KYC process you must have a PAN card, Adhaar or any other document that has your address, also some things like passport size photograph & your signature. But if you are already completed your Binance KYC there would be no need to do another KYC.

You can link both Binance and WazirX exchanges.

Don’t worry this will be quick as you will have to upload this document online.

Step 4: Wait for the verification from WazirX Team. WazirX Manually verifies your details and approves. They have mentioned that the verification will complete within 2 weeks. I hope they will do a little faster than what they have mentioned. Mine was approved pretty fast in a day

Step 5: After the verification, you can Buy Ripple From WazirX.

Step 6: Store your Ripple Safely in hardware like Ledger Nano S.

So, this was how you can buy Ripple (XRP) in India through WazirX.

WazirX Buy Sell


Zebpay ripple

Zebpay  has listed Ripple to its platform. Zebpay is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India and it is a very trusted one. So buying Ripple in India just got easier, convenient as well as reliable.

Zebpay is operating in India since early 2015. And since then it has served hundreds of thousands of customers if not millions!

Step 1: First of all, you need to sign up on Zebpay. Zebpay has a mobile app, so you can use that also. After signing up Zebpay will prompt you to verify both your email and mobile phone number.

Step 2: After you have signed up and logged into your account you can start trading. But to trade, you need to deposit some rupees. And to deposit, you need to activate your account. To start the activation process you need to add your bank details to your Zebpay account. You also need to upload KYC documents like Pan Card and Aadhar Card. Don’t worry, Zebpay is a trusted exchange. So they will not misuse your documents.

Step 3: After Zebpay manually verifies your documents, it will activate your account. Now you can deposit rupees to your account. You can easily do this by depositing to Zebpay’s bank account using NEFT, RTGS or even IMPS. You can also use the payment gateway on Zebpay. But using it will incur more charges.

Step 4: When the deposited amount reflects on your Zebpay profile, go to the trade or buy page. Select Ripple from the drop-down. And enter the amount of XRP you want to buy. Click on “Place buy order”. If you have sufficient balance for the transaction then it will go through immediately.

Step 5: You will soon see the XRP balance added to your Zebpay online wallet. For safekeeping, I suggest moving the funds to a secure hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S.


This is a somewhat longer process of buying Ripple in INR. But, we are going to follow a longer process so hold on.

Firstly, we will buy Bitcoin and convert BTC To XRP.

There are various websites from which you can buy Bitcoins in India like – Zebpay, Unocoin.

These are most trusted sources of buying Bitcoin In India.

STEP 1: Firstly you will have to buy Bitcoins from WazirX or Zebpay. Don’t worry both of them are good.

STEP 2: 1 Ripple Coin today costs about Rs.10 so buy Bitcoins as compared to how much you need.

Step 3: Then we will convert our BTC To XRP. You can easily convert your Bitcoin to XRP though Changelly.

Step 4: You can give your Wallet address where you can store Ripple coins. You can easily get one with Exodus PC wallet or Ledger Wallet Nano S.

or use the widget below –


This is the most convenient way of buying XRP I say. As me being an Indian I always buy Ripple from Exchanges like Binance.

XRP Binance

Let me tell you about Binance – “It is the worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchange.”

You don’t need to do any kind of KYC for verification. You can do the KYC if you are going to trade above 2 BTC per day.

So, let’s see how you can buy Ripple from Binance.

  1. First of all, you will have to visit Binance and register over there –
  2. Then after that, you will have to deposit your Bitcoin to the Binance wallet. I.e You can buy BTC from Zebpay or Unocoin and then transfer it to the wallet given by Binance.
  3. Then you will head over to XRP/BTC.
  4. Here you can buy XRP at the current rate or you can put the limit at what price you want to buy.
  5. When you place your order then it will buy XRP instantly.
  6. The reason to use Binance is that the fee is very low. You can pay only 0.05 of every trade.

I 100th of the time have bought XRP from Binance and that is what I recommend you do!

XRP Wallet

Advantages Of Ripple (XRP) Coin

There are several advantages of Ripple over many coins that are currently present in cryptocurrency tables. Like most of the cryptocurrencies, Ripple is fast and secure.

To have a good look on Ripple you can watch this video –

Ripple states that –

Built on the most advanced blockchain technology that is scalable, secure and interoperates different networks.

Ripple is one of the fastest-growing networks with 90+ Customers & 75+Deploying Commercially.

Ripple works on low operational costs. Also, in comparison to BTC – XRP is way faster in transactions.


If you are looking for investment in cryptocurrency then I would definitely say you have to go with Ripple instead of Bitcoin.

The amount of profit you get when you invest in low value and if there is a rise then you will be more profited.

This was my guide on How to Buy Ripple Coin In India in 2020.

Tell me to have you invested in Ripple or are you planning to buy?

Buying Ripple In India

Name: WazirX

Description: WazirX is an trusted crypto token marketplace to buy Ripple XRP.


  • Ease of Buying
  • Customer Support
  • Charges Applied
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5 years ago

btcxIndia is no longer taking KYC verification till Dec 15 2017. So people who are late to the Ripple party are left with only the second option. Also, this article does not mention about the destination tag which is requried while trading ripple coins. For a beginner like me, the destination tag is confusing.

5 years ago

Interestingly, I downloaded the Exodus wallet and there is no support for Ripple anymore 🙁 So this morning when I want to buy Ripple I am stuck and there is no buying option in sight. KYCs are down for most exchanges in India and then this wallet thingy not working for sure.Disappointed. Please update this article

Akshay Soni
Akshay Soni
5 years ago

BuyUCoin also supports buying and selling of XPR in India? But I have no idea how reliable it is?

5 years ago

yyou are telling that changelly can convert btc to ripple but there has no option to change suggest me to another way

5 years ago
Reply to  Soham Pratap


Good info however none of these are taking any new registrations as of now – btcxindia, koinex, coindelta. I managed to register to buyucoin and initiated KYC. Let’s see if it works. Do you know of any other sites?

Chandra prakash
5 years ago

Thank you for the Article in Advance !

5 years ago

Hello,dear this is a really good article for buying ripple,i prefere binance when i want to buy ripple from BTC,otherwise whenever i buy ripple from as they have INR/XRP market,where you can buy ripple with indian rupee.

5 years ago

Bro i have ETN about 11000 and i want to sell , but looks like RBI will close All Indian banks related to Crypto exchanges..At the end of 2018 i wanna sell so my question is which exchange is best for selling ETN and does it have Nettler or Paypal integrated to withdraw money .

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