cryptocurrency cloud mining

Best Mining Cloud Mining Contracts To Buy Right Now – 2019

cryptocurrency cloud mining

If you’ve been thinking that cryptocurrency mining is dead? The answer is simple – it’s not.

If there is no mining then there will be no transactions, that simply means cryptocurrency will not be a working product.

Cloud mining is contract based mining where the mining equipment is handled by the service provider and you buy the hashing power from the company. All the mined coins are then transferred to your wallet.

In short cloud mining is contract based mining. Where the company lends you the hashing power for mining. These contracts are based for a specific time. Some might have contracts of 6,12, 24 months. Few companies do provide a lifetime contract.

But I’m not gonna keep on explaining what cloud mining is in detail.

Instead, I’m gonna hop on to list out the best cloud mining contracts that you can choose which have less ROI and major profit.

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Best Cloud Mining Contracts 2019

There are several companies that offer cloud mining contracts. But, I’m gonna help you choose the better one. This will include the company and the coin.

Considering you are gonna invest $200.

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Here is the list of cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts –

1. SHA-256 (BTC) Cloud Mining


You will be mining BTC (Bitcoin) which is based on the SHA 256 algorithm. Today the price of BTC is near about $9300. Where the price of BTC looks promising in the near future.

This is the most profitable cloud mining contract that you can buy. It has a lesser ROI time in comparison to other cloud mining contracts.

This contract is provided by my Innovamine. Currently, Innovamine has been powering about 2% of Bitcoin mining. So, they are one of the most profitable and trusted companies providing cloud mining services.

As regards to this contract –

You can buy $200 of BTC plan which will give us approximately 13TH/s.

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This contract is valid for 24 months., i.e 2 years.

Calculating the profits as of today it will be –
Daily – 0.00053866 ($4.95)
Weekly – 0.00377062 ($34.66)
Monthly – 0.01669847 ($153.49)
Yearly – 0.19661113  ($1807.16)

Payback period 40 days i.e 1 Month 10 Days.

For greater returns, you can get the BTC mined transferred to Binance. And trade a few to gain some profits.

With 24 months contract, you’ll be making at least $3614 with current price and mining difficulty. USE COUPON CSCOIN.

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2. SHA – 256 BCH Mining

Bitcoin Cash BCH

The next up is you can buy (BCH) Bitcoin Cash Cloud Mining Contract. It is already available on Innovamine.

It’s pretty simple. If BTC is profitable for mining then BCH is too. Both of them are based on SHA 256 algorithm.

BCH is currently on the rise as BTC is regaining its position. It’s not a bad idea to get BCH contracts.

Here is how it will perform with $200 contract –

You will get 13 TH/s.
Daily – 0.01190080 ($5.14)
Weekly – 0.08330562 ($35.99)
Monthly – 0.36892489 ($159.38)
Yearly – 4.34379312 ($1876.52)

The payback period will be 38 days. i.e One Month 8 Days.

So for 24 Months contract, you’ll be making $3752 with the current difficulty but it can change at any given time. If the price stays the same you at least get more than what you invested. USE COUPON CSCOIN.



3. Dash Mining Contract


Dash is pretty consistent cryptocurrency when it comes to mining.

Dash is based on the X11 algorithm.

So, with the contract of $200, you will be getting hashing power of 80 GH/s.

With daily mining of DASH, you will be making –
Daily – 0.02894233 ($4.57)
Weekly – 0.20259636 ($31.96)
Monthly – 0.89721247 ($141.52)
Yearly – 10.5639532 ($1666.25)

Payback period of 44 Days i.e 1 Month 14 Days.  USE COUPON CSCOIN.

4. Zcash Cloud Mining Contract

Equihash Zcash

Next up, you can buy is ZEC i.e Zcash Cloud Mining contract. Zcash is based on Equihash algorithm.
You can also GPU mine this coin.
With the contract of $200, you will be getting 26.01 KH/s.
Where you will be mining –
Daily – 0.04930575 ($4.64)
Weekly – 0.34514027 ($32.51)

Monthly – 1.52847835 ($143.98)
Yearly – 17.9965999 ($1695.28)

The payback period will be of 44 days, i.e 1 Month 14 days.  USE COUPON CSCOIN.

5. BTC Radiant Classic Diamond Plan


You might have heard of Genesis Mining. Genesis Mining has been mining since very early and is one of the trusted cloud contract service providers.
The company provides Radiant Classic Diamond Plan, which is priced $5600 which delivers 200 TH/s of hashing power for mining SHA 256 BTC.
You will be charged $0.0099 service charge for every TH/s. So, it is near about $20 per month for the maintenance charge.
The contract is valid only for 9 months. But, the mining results are very fascinating –
Per day – Ƀ 0.006787 ($60.64)
Per Week – Ƀ 0.04751 ($424.50)
Per Month – Ƀ 0.2036 ($1819)
Full Contract – Ƀ 1.8324 ($16371)
Payback period of – 92 Days i.e 3 Months and 2 Days.
Genesis mining may not be a that profitable solution but is one of the most trusted contract providers.
Tips to increase earnings –
1. Always withdraw BTC or coins only once or twice a month. Or you will end up paying more transaction fees.
2. Always keep it in a safe wallet or exchanges. Binance is the most trusted and secure exchange.
3. To increase the value, I always trade to gain at least 10% more value. Do trade on altcoins or BTC on Binance.
4. Keep a track on BTC price. Sell only when green. USE COUPON CSCOIN.


Cloud mining contracts are very profitable and are very easy to mine. You do not have to maintain any of the equipment.
If you are gonna start mining yourself then you’ll have to invest a lot and plus have to maintain it daily. You also need technical knowledge to handle mining. No dealing with heat and noise.
It is better to invest in some cloud contracts as they are valid for at least a year.

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