Top Altcoins To Invest

Top Altcoins To Buy In July 2019

Altcoin season will be back in a few days now. Before that, we are putting up the best altcoins that you can buy in July 2019.

We have curated the list of best altcoins you can buy rather just BTC and other top coins.

We have studied thoroughly about the coins and their past performances.

The altcoins that we are suggesting will be a good investment for short to medium term. Keeoing the target prices in mind we have listed it in this guide.

Top Altcoins To Invest

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Top Altcoins To Buy In July 2019

BNB – Binance Coin


There is a hell lot of reasons you should buy BNB. One of the most important is that it is a coin created by the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

But other than that, it’s value has always been known to grow even when BTC was in bear mode.

Not only that Binance Coin is used to power the Binance Ecosystem.

As far as the altcoin trading is concerned – BNB is used to pay trading fees. I.e 25% discount on trading fees if BNB is used.

There are so many use cases of Binance you can check it over here – Use BNB.

Technicals – 1D MACD is crossed so will go down nearby $29. But will be up soon.

The reason it will be up – Soon there will be coin burn in July. The last one was on 16 April. You can look at the price changes on coinburn earlier. Also, there is large volume flowing through Binance Exchange so expect a price boom.

Binance Coin

Buy – $30 – $28

Sell – $40 /$45/ $50/ $56

Stop Loss – $26


LINK – Chainlink


Chainlink is another major cryptocurrency that has been widely recognised today due to its partnership with Google.

Chainlink has the technology to support smart contracts, they are the very first one to market their technology. So, I would say they are way ahead of the competition.

Google choosing Chainlink as their blockchain partner is one hell of a news. $1.220 Billion.

It has a circulating supply of 350 Million. Whereas EOS has a circulating supply of 921 Million.

So, you can compare both of them in circulating supply prices. As EOS has more supply but the price is about $6. Whereas Link has price about $3.

Going through all the volume we are watching everyday. Chainlink has an great opportunity for investment with great returns.


Buy – $2.9 – $3.0

Sell – $4 /$5/ $6/ $6.5

Stop Loss – $2.5

FTM – Fantom


Fantom FTM is works on smart contracts to be provided for smart City. It’s not an unique project but it’s most efficient project.

Fantom currently has a circulating supply of 1.813 Billion & has $54 Million of market cap.

FTM has currently deployed testnet. So, main net will not be far away. Expecting Q3 for the launch.

Another interesting thing about Fantom is that it got listed onto various exchanges without any fees. As many other cryptocurrencies nowadays pay exchanges to get them listed.

Fantom is currently on the rise. So, FTM can be the best altcoin to buy at very low price.

FTM Fantom

Buy – $0.025 – $0.026

Sell – $0.032 / $0.038/ $0.040

Stop Loss – $0.020


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