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Best Mining Rig Frames For GPU In 2020

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Mininig FrameAren’t you looking to choose one good GPU mining frame?

If yes you are in the right place. We have built lots of mining rigs. But one more important aspect of the mining rig is the mining rig case or frame!

As we are experienced with all the rigs that we have so far built here is a good guide that will help you out in choosing your mining rig frame!!

In this article, I have divided to 6, 8 & 12 GPU mining frames.

Cryptocurrency mining is a million if not billion dollar industry right now. If you can use the right components to mine the “right” cryptocurrency then you can generate a handsome side income very easily. So everyone wants a piece of the pie right now.

From professional miners to hobbyists, the mining market is extremely big. And their needs are different too. So in this mining rig frame guide, I have listed down three frames. One for the hobbyist miners and two for the serious miners.


Now let us take a look at some of the best mining rig frames of 2020.


6 GPU mining rig frame

The first mining rig frame on this list comes from a manufacturer called Kyerivs. The Kyerivs 6 GPU mining rig frame is a very popular mining rig frame. This open-air frame is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

This is a 6 GPU mining rig frame. You can almost use any graphics cards you want with this frame and will surely fit.

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  • The Kyerivs 6 GPU mining rig frame is mostly made up of aluminum. The aluminum parts of the chassis are precision cut. So you won’t find any sharp edges or imperfect alignment.
  • This mining rig frame is not a barebone mining rig frame. It comes with acrylic panels to install the components. There are copper standoffs on the acrylic panels to tightly secure the components.
  • The mining rig frame is fully adjustable. So you will be able to adjust the height of the upper panel to adjust the height of the graphics cards stack.
  • This Kyerivs open-air mining rig frame is very spacious for a 6 GPU rig frame. So you won’t have to worry too much about cooling.
  • The entire frame is stackable which gives you the option to stack multiple frames in layers.
  • Moreover, you can install two ATX power supplies on this rig frame.
  • The Kyerivs frame doesn’t come with any fans. However, it comes with brackets for installing the fans. You can install up to four 120mm fans on the frame.
  • This mining rig frame will support graphics cards up to 32cm in length.
  • You will be able to install both PCIe ribbon cables and proper USB PCIe risers on this frame. So even in case of connectivity, this frame is super!
  • This Kyerivs frame comes with a one year warranty and 30-day return guarantee.

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Overall, this mining rig frame is very good for this price point. But one thing I have seen most people complaining about is the manual. The manual is low quality and loosely translated to English from Chinese. So you might find it unclear and the instructions may not make any sense.


8 GPU Mining Frame

Next, up on our list, we have the Veddha 8 GPU mining rig frame.

  • This frame is also a fully aluminum mining rig frame. The aluminum used in this mining rig is fully anodized. As the frame uses aluminum, it is very lightweight. But that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of this rig.
  • One thing you will notice about this rig is its sheer quality. The metal pieces are made of fine aluminum and they are cut with precision. So you won’t find any sharp edges or protruding corners.
  • This frame doesn’t have any glass or acrylic sheets to hold the components. Instead, there are metal bars on which you have standoffs to attach the components.
  • The motherboard, power supplies, and the storage system reside on the lower platform. While the six graphics cards reside on the upper platform.
  • There is ample space on the frame to install the graphics cards. Plus the gaps between the cards are also satisfactory.
  • This mining rig frame from Veddha can accommodate up to seven 120mm fans. You have to buy them separately.
  • The Veddha mining rig frame is stackable. You will be able to stack a maximum of four rigs on top of each other.

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This frame may be lightweight but it is also very strong. This product was listed on Amazon in July 2017. Since then a lot of people has bought this lightweight mining rig frame. It is one of the best selling frames on Amazon.

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The instructions in the manual may not be clear for this frame also. You will have to have a lot of patience and free time to assemble the frame.


12 GPU Mining Frame

Finally, we have a mining rig frame that supports up to 12 cards simultaneously. This frame is for the ultimate cryptocurrency miners. This frame is also from the company Kyerivs, which sells the 6 graphics card rigs.

  • The Kyerivs 12 GPU mining rig frame is a three-platform rig frame.
  • This frame is also made of anodized aluminum. The parts are also very high quality and feel durable. The frame is very lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The three platforms of this frame are acrylic panels. And this is what sets it apart from other frames. It is not barebones like most other mining rig frames.
  • The acrylic panels have threaded copper standoffs to attach the components.
  • You have to use the lower platform to for the power supplies, motherboard, and storages. While the middle and upper platforms are for installing the graphics cards.
  • Each of the platforms can accommodate up to six graphics cards. So in total, you get to attach twelve odd graphics cards to the frame. But there is enough space between the cards. So cooling isn’t an issue.
  • Unlike the six GPU on from Kyerivs, you cannot install ribbon PCIe cable with this frame. This Kyerivs frame can house only USB PCIe extenders.
  • Each of the platforms housing the graphics cards can accommodate up to five fans. You will get brackets to install the fans. But you will have to buy the fans separately.
  • The length and width of the frame are 64cm and 36cm respectively. While the height is 55cm.
  • It is a stackable frame. So if you are seriously lacking space in your mining room, you can easily stack rigs with this frame.

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This is the top-selling mining rig frame for 12 graphics cards. The frame is very well built, so overall it is a good frame. But just like the last one, it lacks detailed documentation and well-translated manuals. However, it comes with a one year warranty and 30 days return guarantee.


I hope you liked this detailed guide to mining rig frames. I have tried my best to find the best pre-built frames in the market. But there is a catch attached to these pre-built frames.

They are built to cater a large number of miners. So these may not fit your requirements or taste. So it is always best to build your own frame.

But building your own frame is a tedious and expensive matter. So if you are not ready for this kind of commitment, you should opt for a pre-built frame I mentioned.

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