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Yield App Review 2022 – Pros, Cons & How It Comprises in DeFi Staking Space

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Yield App Defi

The 21st century has seen a huge rise in the importance of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has seen its price skyrocket to heights of $62000. Alongside this growth, decentralized finance has become a hot topic. It is still considered a relatively modern thread within the industry but is starting to focus on many FinTech companies.

Defi is one of those areas in crypto which can be used in Bear market to earn yield or a fixed income while in bear market. So, if you are one of those people who Hold Bitcoin, Dai, USDC, USDT, etc. You can earn fixed income.


What is DeFi?

Defi is basically a short-term for Decentralized Finance. It has been used to describe the variety of decentralized applications operating on the blockchain. For example, users can make various token swaps using Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) as opposed to trading cryptocurrency.

DeFi will allow users to borrow and lend assets using collateralized loans, and farm yield using automated market makers and DEXs.

What is Yield App?

Yield App

There are a number of respectable DeFi apps on the market – including Uniswap and Open Sea. Yield App is attempting to align itself within this select group of market leaders. You could check the Yield App website by clicking the link https://www.Yield App/ to know more.

What is Yield App & Its mission?

Yield App is attempting to bridge the gap between tradition and decentralized finance. They are aiming to offer high returns on investments without the impacts of unstable national currencies.

The app has been created with the ‘average Joe’ in mind. The founders intended to create an accessible, inclusive, and sustainable application that allows its users to push themselves towards financial freedom. The Yield App and web platform are very intuitive.

Users can deposit both crypto and traditional national currencies and transfer these over into the YLD token. This YLD token can then be used to find the user’s perfect investment opportunity.

The app and platform use the YLD token as its central currency. When this is left in the user’s wallet, the app/web platform acts just like a bank in the sense that interest is earned. This, in turn, supports Yield’s ecosystem and gives users more money to invest.

Yield sets itself apart from the other industry leaders for two reasons. They are using a ‘bloomberg-esque terminal’ on the backend, and a mobile banking application on the frontend. The yield creators and team also mention that they are constantly monitoring and improving their applications.

They use an extremely sophisticated Risk management strategy that gives users a much better balance of risk vs reward. This strategy involves analyzing the benefits of liquidity mining and collateralized lending to name just a few.

In layman’s terms, Yield App does all the heavy lifting behind closed doors. If you have a smartphone or access to the internet, you can diversify your investments at the click of a button. You simply sign in, select an investment plan, and have an automated DeFi portfolio that will seek to maximize profits for you.

Advantages Of Yield

1. Ease of Use

 Anyone with a smartphone and internet can access The Yield App platform. Yield does all the background work for its users, in order to offer a simple experience that is accessible for a wider group of the population.

YIELD believes that everyone should have access to the best investment opportunities, regardless of their financial or technical knowledge. For experienced Crypto traders, they will really appreciate how Yield App simplifies a usual 10 step process into a few clicks on your phone/computer.

2. Higher Rate of Return

rate of return Yield App

One of the goals for the creators of Yield App is to ensure your funds are earning positive interest on a daily basis, including weekends and even whilst you sleep. Users can expect to maintain an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) from 12% to 20%.

As well as this, users can earn interest for holding the YLD token in the app. This interest is paid back in the token and the increase varies depending on the number of tokens held.

rate of return

3. Referral Rewards

The Yield team has kept 5 million tokens in store for a Referral Rewards program. Referring to a friend of a family member with your personalized code will give you $40 worth of tokens. As this is a new app, this could result in good profits!

Disadvantages Of Yield

Like any type of crypto investing, Yield App still comes with its own risks. Many of these risks are replicated across other forms of investment.

1. Human Error

As the application is using a variety of different financial instruments and these are being spearheaded by people, basic input error or a simple misreading can result in a big loss. Now, it must be said, Yield App does put in a number of measures to minimize this risk. They use a list of renowned strategies to ensure your investment is in a secure environment.

2. Market Downs

Liquidity in this type of quick withdrawal application is provided through the teams investing in a variety of markets. This method can expose you to price swings and a sudden drop in assets if things don’t go your way. Of course, this is the risk of investing with alternative forms of currency like crypto.

Nevertheless, Yield App is conservative and does have optional insurance that will protect you against this.


The main reason to choose to bank with Yield App would be the higher APY. When comparing similar products such as BlockFi, there truly is only one winner – Yield. The 12-20% plus YLD token interest is an extremely attractive offer.  The passive income you can earn far exceeds anything a commercial bank can offer you.

The team of experts at Yield have also cleverly hedged their bets against any significant drops, resulting in a smaller risk for users. Security within the platform is also extremely tight. Yield App is operating under a banking and asset management license to ensure protection for its users.

A combination of these points, alongside the ease of use, that the Yield App brings, makes the platform an extremely attractive option for the ‘average Joe’ as well as the experienced Crypto trader.

Moving into Crypto can seem like a daunting task but Yield really does streamline the process and provide a service that could skyrocket in popularity this year. Get on the app before it’s too late.

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