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Dash Wallets – Best Desktop, Android, IOS Wallets For Dash Coin

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Dash Wallets

Dash is another alternative coin to Bitcoin which is rapidly growing. Dash is somewhat same like Bitcoin but uses some advanced technologies. More of an advantage of Dash over Bitcoin is its quick transactions capabilities. But, still, it is in more of a developmental stage.

Today we are going to take a look at Dash Wallets.

Dash was created 3 years ago by a developer named Evan Duffield.

But as of now we are going to see the best and officially trusted Dash Wallets.

There are over thousands of Dash wallets that are available today online and offline but all of them are not trusted. Some of them are scams.

So, Be careful while choosing a good wallet. Today I’m going to list all the Dash wallets for Desktops, Android, IOS.



Dash Desktop & Mobile Wallets

Dash Core WalletsThere are several desktop Dash wallets for Windows, Mac & Linux OS. There are different versions of Windows as like 32-bit & 64-bit you can choose whichever is suitable for your PC.

As far as Linux is concerned you can choose for Rasberry Pi, 32-bit or 64-bit.

Dash Core For Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android & iOS

Dash core is a fully featured wallet. It has all the capabilities like Private send, Insta send, Master node management, etc.

Wallet gives full access to your Dash Coins and you can check all the source code yourself. It’s the safest wallet available for Dash.

Dash core has simpler GUI and easy to understand. But another thing that I have to include is that it consumes a lot of disk space and will also consume your data.

But, anyhow I feel it is better to go with Dash Core rather than going with any other digital wallet.

Dash core is available on all platforms.

Choose the Platform and download from below –

Download DASH Installer 64- Bit Download DASH Installer 32- Bit Download DASH DMG OS X Download DASH Linux 32 – Bit Download DASH Linux 64 – Bit Download DASH Rasberry Pi2 Download From Playstore Android Download From Appstore iOS




Jaxx For Windows, Linux & Mac OSX

Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx is a good wallet – It has a good interface, easy to use and most important does not take much space on your desktop. Jaxx is a fully supported wallet.

Also, all the keys that are generated are stored locally and are not uploaded meaning you are very safe from being hacked.

So, everything works on your local system meaning Jaxx has no access to it and you have full access to your currency.

Jaxx is a Cryptocurrency wallet where you can store many different kinds of coins like – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, etc. So, you don’t need another wallet to store another coin.

Jaxx is available on all platforms of Desktop & Mobile OS.

It is very handy when the wallet is available on all platform and you need not worry.

jaxx platform

You can download the wallet from the below links –

Download From Official Website BUY DASH

Exodus Dash Wallet For Windows, Linux & OS X

Exodus Wallet

Sadly Exodus is not available to mobile users and also it is not available for 32 – Bit OS. But it is the best wallet that I can ever recommend.

The wallet is simple to use and most importantly you can store multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Decred, Litecoin, etc.

You can easily generate wallet address for receiving money for every cryptocurrency. Also, it is very easy to send money.

It is easier to exchange your currencies in between other currencies. Let’s say, you want to convert 1BTC to Dash you can easily convert that from the exchange tab in the Exodus and it will automatically do it for you. Also, it is much secure.

All the keys will be encrypted locally so

You can even Exchange your Bitcoin / Ethereum to Dash From Here.

Here is how you can get the wallet address of Dash –

Dash Address

Dash Exodus

Download Exodus Windows 64- Bit Download Exodus DMG OS X Download Exodus Linux 64 -Bit


Coinomi Android Dash Wallet For Android

CoinomiThis is pretty cool wallet if you want a Dash Coin Wallet for Android. Wallets are great if you are using it on phones they come handy when you are traveling around. Also, it is easier to transfer and exchange.

But, If you want your wallet to be capable of storing multiple altcoins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Plus, Bata, Auroracoin, Asiacoin, etc. Coinomi is the wallet you need.

I really liked this wallet after trying various wallets on play store for Android. This wallet is simple and looks good.

You can keep your wallet encrypted with a password.

Download Coinomi Android



Hardware Dash Wallets

There are several wallets in the market but we need some good and trusted wallets. Not every wallet out there on Amazon and other e-commerce sites are premium and trusted.

Keep in mind that you are keeping your valuable money in that. Be careful while you buy.

So, today we have narrowed down to 3 hardware wallet that you can buy and are worth investing it.

Dash is a good currency and is good for investment. You can read my guide Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2017.

If you want to buy some good currencies you can get free $10 BTC read this guide to get the deal.

Most of the hardware wallets will be compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies so you can many coins in one wallet.

Hardware wallets are more secure than any digital online wallet.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S has been lately in talks!

In fact, this is the most famous hardware wallet out there and costs below $100.

With this wallet, you can store multiple cryptocurrencies including Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. You can confirm every transaction you make with Ledger Nano S.

You will get a display where you can confirm the amount. Leder Nano includes physical buttons to keep it secure from malware that can be caused by software side.

Easy backup restoration does not trouble you.

Your keys are never stored are never know by Ledger Nano S. It is as small as a pen drive that you can carry it everywhere.

Buy Ledger Nano S



You don’t have to worry if you buy cryptocurrencies from Coinbase, or convert any cryptocurrency through Changelly.

But you have to keep your coins safe. I have gone with Ledger Nano S and till now it has never disappointed me. Ledger is good enough to store multiple currencies and to my satisfaction, it is the safest Dash coin wallet out there.

But if you are using some kind of online or offline wallets you have to create a strong password. You can create one with the help with

You really don’t want to lose your coins. So, make sure you put a strong password which cannot be easily guessed or never can be guessed.

Don’t keep your coins on exchange portals. Keep it with you. Also, one more thing in the end always keeps a backup of your wallet everywhere to be safe.

This was today’s guide for Best Dash Wallets to use.


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