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Best Nvidia Card For Mining – GTX 1070Ti Vs GTX 1080Ti

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GTX 1070Ti VS 1080Ti

If you are pretty much wondering which card you must choose for mining. Nvidia GTX 1070Ti or GTX 1080Ti?

If that’s the answer you are looking for we have summed up pretty good points in this article.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that do not have any physical existence. These cryptocurrencies are usually decentralized. Which means that there is no centralized institution to control the flow of a particular cryptocurrency.

In case you are looking for which of the GPU are good for mining. Comparison between GTX 1070Ti & GTX 1080Ti for mining. Which is good? This article is made for you. (We have made this article on the basis of mining coins, their rates, power usage & also their prices.)

The main purpose of this article is to compare between two market favorites from the team green. On one hand, we have the veteran GTX 1080 Ti. And on the other hand, we have one of the newest offerings from Nvidia, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

This has a lot of benefits as we do not need to rely on any third party to process our payments for us. Instead, we can finally be our own bankers.

But still, somebody needs to verify the transactions. Else we can take advantage of the system and do bad transactions.

This transaction verification process is also decentralized in case of cryptocurrencies. There are mainly two ways we can deal with this problem.

We can either use Proof of Stake or else we can use Proof of Work. In case of Proof of Stake or PoS, the network comes to a consensus with the help of votes from validators or forgers.

But in case of Proof of Work or PoW the network miners or mining nodes. In a PoW based cryptocurrency, the network generates blocks of transactions after a certain period of time. After generating a block the network announces it to the mining nodes.

Now the primary task of a miner is to hash the block and create a hash that matches the network’s requirements. Once a miner finds the “perfect” hash, the network appends it to the blockchain. The miner also receives handsome rewards for its contribution.

PoW is the most used method while dealing with transaction verification. So this gives you a lot of options regarding which cryptocurrency to mine.


Comparison Between GTX 1070Ti VS GTX 1080Ti

I have reviewed the GTX 1070 Ti from a miner’s point of view in a previous article. I have also rounded up the best graphics cards for mining in other articles. But a lot of time I still get asked: “is 1070 Ti good for this cryptocurrency?”, “Which is better – 1070 Ti or 1080 Ti?” etc.

At first, I am going to briefly discuss the cards and explain the features. I will also list the mining performances and suggest which cryptocurrency to mine. Whether you should mine Zcash with it or Ethereum or Monero or any other altcoins.

Finally, I will place the two cards against each other and compare their expected profitabilities. And this will reveal the clear winner.

So without further ado, let’s start by talking about the GTX 1070 Ti.


GTX 1070 Ti

Launched on 2nd November 2017, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is one of the newest offerings from the house of team green. Although Nvidia did not comment anything regarding the purpose of this card. We can easily guess that Nvidia launched this card to fight the RX Vega lineup.

This graphics card also features a GP104 graphics processing unit just like its sibling the GTX 1070. This graphics card come in only one version, that is the 8GB version. Contrary to people’s expectation, the 1070 Ti also features a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory bus like the 1070 model.

The GP104 GPU is capable of providing a 1607MHz base clock. This base clock value closely matches the base clock value of a stock GTX 1080. However, the boost clock only goes up to 1683MHz on factory overclocking presets. But that doesn’t mean you cannot overclock it even further!

The GTX 1070 Ti has a max power consumption figure of 180W. But the card rarely reaches this limit even under heavy loads. Most of the times I see the card drawing about 120W of power only. So this is a very economic graphics card in my opinion.

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Now, let’s talk about the mining performance of the GTX 1070 Ti. I have presented the mining performance of the card in tabular form. This will help you to understand the mining hashrates better.

Ethash 31 Mh/s
Equihash 470 Sol/s (h/s)
Cryptonight 635 h/s
Neoscrypt 1048 Kh/s
Lyra2Rev2 41000 Kh/s
Groestl 36 Mh/s
X11Gost 13.2 Mh/s

I have tested out seven popular hashing algorithms. But among them, the most relevant ones are the Ethash, Equihash, and Cryptonight. Because these hashing algorithms are used in popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Zclassic, Monero, Bitcoin Gold etc.

And, as you can clearly see, the GTX 1070 Ti performs extremely well in all the three algorithms mentioned.


From my research and experiments, it is quite clear which cryptocurrency to mine with GTX 1070 Ti. I suggest mining Equihash based cryptocurrencies. Because you will be getting around 460 – 480 h/s in a typical scenario.

For maximizing your profits, mine low competition Equihash based cryptocurrencies. This includes Zclassic, Zencash, Hush, Bitcoin Gold etc. You can also try mining Equihash on the Nicehash platform.

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Now let’s talk about another member of the Nvidia Pascal family. The GTX 1080 Ti is one of the premium graphics cards from the team green.

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti has the same base clock of a 1070 Ti, that is 1607MHz. But the factory overclocked versions can reach boost clocks up to 1700MHz. You can overclock the GPU even further if you want.

It comes in only 11GB version. The memory is GDDR5X 11Gbps memory with a 352-bit wide bus.

According to Nvidia, this card is rated for about 250W power consumption. But in reality, it usually revolves around 180-200W.


Let’s put the mining performance stats in tabular form, just like I did before.

Ethash 36 Mh/s
Equihash 690 Sol/s (h/s)
Cryptonight 830 h/s
Neoscrypt 1400 Kh/s
Lyra2Rev2 64000 Kh/s
Groestl 56 Mh/s
X11Gost 20 Mh/s

As you can clearly see the GTX 1080 Ti outperforms the 1070 Ti in all of the cases. And this is not really surprising at all. While mining Ethash based cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic etc, expect a hashrate of 36 Mh/s.

In case of Equihash, a single GTX 1080 Ti can reach about 690 Sol/s. You also get a respectable 830 h/s while mining Cryptonight. This number may not be as high as an RX Vega. But still, it is quite good.


I believe after seeing the table above you already know what I am going to suggest. Just like the 1070 Ti, the 1080 Ti also delivers solid performance while mining Equihash cryptocurrencies. So in this case also I am going to suggest sticking with an Equihash cryptocurrency for best payback period.

You can mine a variety of cryptocurrencies with Equihash. Since it is one of the most popular hashing algorithms. I personally suggest mining Zclassic, Zencash, Hush etc.

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Now that you know about both of the graphics cards, let’s choose a winner! The graphics card market is in an extremely stressed situation right now. And due to this high demand, the prices are higher than ever.

Usually, a GTX 1080 Ti costs about $250 more than a GTX 1070 Ti. So if you consider their costs then there’s not a huge difference.

If you take my advice and go for the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with these cards. Then you will be choosing an Equihash based cryptocurrency. Preferably, the Zclassic cryptocurrency.

In that case, I expect you to make about $2.87 – $2.9 profit per day with a GTX 1070 Ti. I am considering that the power consumption will be around 120W on an average. And I am also considering the electricity cost to be $0.1/kWh.

In the case of a GTX 1080 Ti, I expect you to make about $4.14 – $4.20 profit per day. While mining Equihash, my GTX 1080 Ti consumes about 190W on an average. So that is what I have considered here too. I have also considered the electricity cost to be 190W just like above.

So with a GTX 1070 Ti, you are looking for a payback period of about eight months. And with a GTX 1080 Ti, the payback period will be about ten months. But do keep in mind that I have not considered the fluctuation of price. So this payback period may dramatically decrease or may increase.

So clearly you can see that three (3) GTX 1070 Ti makes about the same profit like two (2) GTX 1080 Ti. But three GTX 1070 Ti costs about $500 more than two GTX 1080 Ti. So if you are building a six GPU or eight GPU rig, the better choice is 1080 Ti. But if you are building a budget hobbyist mining setup, you can try the 1070 Ti.


Before I wrap this article up I would like to suggest one more thing. While buying a graphics card always pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty policy and after-sales service.

Because after two to three years you will have to sell your graphics cards. That is why a manufacturer providing longer warranty period is suitable in this case. Zotac provides the longest warranty period of 5 years with their products. That is why I prefer buying Zotac graphics cards.

In case you don’t want to buy a Zotac graphics card, then you can try Gigabyte or EVGA. Both of these manufacturers are quite reputed. And they both provide warranty periods of three years.

This brings us to the end of another long mining guide! I had a lot of fun while testing the products and writing this review. I hope you too had fun while reading this. I have tried my best to compile the information in a “less-boring” manner. Please leave a comment down below and share with me your views regarding these cards.

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Muhammad Tufail
Muhammad Tufail
5 years ago

Nice comparison between two great cards. I am a bit new in mining and only can figure out mining around 16 – 2.0 USD for my Nvidia 1070ti while you mentioned fairly higher yield.
Please share which Pool/algo/coin are giving profit mentioned by you.

Soham Pratap
5 years ago

Right now the market is on the dip side!! But you will recover when the market is back up again!!
At this current state, you can mine Ethereum, Zcash, ETC with GTX 1070Ti!! Nano Pool & Flypool are good pools that I use!

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