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How To Mine Zclassic | Best GPU For ZCL Mining Rig

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Zclassic ZCL Mining

Zclassic one of the profitable cryptocurrency for mining. But, there are several questions asked – How should I start mining Zclassis ZCL? Which is the best graphics card for mining Zclassic?  & How to build ZCL mining rig?

Previously I used to mine Zcash with one of my mining rig!! As Zclassic grew it gave me a chance of generating more profit.

Do remember that both Zcash & Zclassic are based on the same algorithm Equihash!!

This article will help you with regards to Zclassic Mining.

Zclassic started as a hard fork of the ZcashRhett Creighton hard forked Zclassic on 5th November 2016, just eight days after the launch of Zcash. Zclassic doesn’t have founder’s reward and it didn’t even have a premine event.

ZCL mostly follows the same principles of Zcash. It supports anonymity and privacy features just like Zcash too. Zclassic can hide sender address, receiver address, and amount if needed.

Currently, Zclassic has a market cap of $34 million USD and is selling for $9.9 USD per unit. Zclassic happens to be one of the most popular mineable currencies.


HOW TO MINE Zclassic?


Now that you know what Zclassic is, it’s time to know how you can mine it. The mining process is similar to that of any Equihash based cryptocurrencies. But let me explain that in a step by step manner.

First of all, I will go through the best hardware (graphics cards) to mine Zclassic. And then I will talk about the software requirements.

In the software section, I will also provide step by step instruction regarding mining the cryptocurrency. It is fairly simple and easy to do. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to follow the steps easily. And if you follow the steps mentioned, you will be able to mine the cryptocurrency efficiently.


Mining GPU

As I have mentioned above Zclassic is a cryptocurrency based on the Equihash protocol. Equihash is the same protocol that powers a very promising cryptocurrency Zcash.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies and know a thing or two about mining. Then you surely know that Equihash prefers Nvidia cards over AMD ones.

So without any doubt, I would suggest you build a Nvidia mining rig for mining Zclassic. The best cards are Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti etc. I have mentioned the expected hash rates down below.

I have also mentioned other important information like power draw figures, hash rates per dollar and expected payback periods. From that, you can see which card will be better for you.

Card Name Hash Rate Power Draw (typical) Hash Rate / $
GTX 1070 430 H/s 120 W 0.64
GTX 1070 Ti 470 H/s 120 W 0.61
GTX 1080 550 H/s 130 W 0.72
GTX 1080 Ti 685 H/s 190 W 0.62

*  The profit might vary when the market is on the downtrend!! I was able to achieve $2.1 per day with GTX 1070 Card when the market was good!! So, I would suggest you mine the coins and HODL!! Sell when the prices make a good return!!

I would like to mention that I have calculated the hash rate per dollar from the current market price. As you know that the graphics cards are insanely overpriced now. That is why the hash rate per dollar figure is lower than expected.

For a detailed guide check any of our Zcash mining rigs builds. Any rigs that you build for Zcash will be equally effective in case of Zclassic.

We have already built Zcash Mining Rig!! It can be also used to mine Zclassic with the same rig!


Mining Zclassic is really easy and straightforward. But first, you will need to properly setup the hardware. After setting up your hardware make sure that your PC recognizes all the graphics cards attached.

Once you have made sure that your PC recognizes them all, it’s time to configure the software.

I suggest using EWBF miner for mining Zclassic. Because the EWBF miner provides better compatibility with Nvidia graphics cards. And it is also very stable.

Download the EWBF miner from the official GitHub repo: ewbf-miner/releases

Always be sure to download the latest version of EWBF miner to avoid crashes. Now you will be needing to connect to a mining pool for mining Zclassic. In my opinion, there are only two good mining pools. One of them is called Miningpoolhub and another one is Suprnova.

While Miningpoolhub requires you to sign up, you can mine anonymously on Suprnova. Miningpoolhub is the most popular one and contributes the most amount of hash rate. Suprnova is the second best in that regard.

Miningpoolhub has a fee of 0.9% while Suprnova levies 1% fee. The fees are pretty high in both of the cases. But both the mining pools are extremely reliable. Not only this but they are also very fast, responsive and easy to connect.

Now follow the step by step instruction to start mining Zclassic with EWBF miner on Miningpoolhub.

  • First of all head over to Miningpoolhub and sign yourself up. Once you have completed all the steps of signing up including verifying your email you are ready to proceed.
  • After that, you need to log into your Miningpoolhub account. Upon logging in, click the Wallet option from the left side main menu. On the wallet page, update your Zclassic wallet address and add a payment threshold for automatic withdrawal of fund.
  • Extract the .zip file containing the EWBF miner. Usually, the file name will be something like
  • After extracting, enter the folder. Right-click on the Start file and select Edit. Paste the following line of code into the file:
    miner --server --user username.workername --pass x --port 20575

    You need to edit the code to connect to your account. I have highlighted the ones that you need to change. First of all, the server.

Change it to a Miningpoolhub server that is nearest to you. The username should be your Miningpoolhub username and the worker name can be anything.

The worker name is there to make it easier for you to identify the rigs. The password should be your Miningpoolhub login password. You need not change the port as all of Miningpoolhub’s servers use the same port.

  • Now save and close the file.
  • After that, you can click on the Start file and hopefully, the miner will start. It will launch a command prompt window and give you up-to-date information regarding mining.

The process is similar in case of Suprnova too.  On Suprnova you get the opportunity to mine anonymously.


The mining profitability depends on your rig’s graphics cards and total hashing power. A single GTX 1070 is capable of making about $2 a day.

Coming to GTX 1070 Ti – this card can mine Zclassic at about 470 H/s. So expect to make about $2.1 profit every day with this card.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 is one of the best cards to mine Zclassic at the moment.

The GTX 1080 Ti provides the best hash rate compared to the other entries.

Please do keep in mind I have done all these calculations with static information. The price of Zclassic may go up or go down during this period. The price of graphics cards also may go up. And with that, the payback period can vary greatly.


I hope I was able to write a helpful guide on how to mine Zclassic. To know more about building a Zclassic mining rig please see our build articles. To learn how to increase the lifespan of your graphics card and get better resale value please read our article on maintaining mining rigs.

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