8 GPU Monero Mining Rig Build - 2017

8 GPU Monero Mining Rig Build – 2019

8 GPU Monero Mining Rig Build - 2017You’ve probably heard that the Ethereum difficulty just skyrocketed. So, now mining Ethereum is even harder, But you can still mine Ethereum by some good investment in mining rig farms. But, today I’m going to show you how you can build Monero Mining Rig.

Updated – To be working in 2019 too.

We are going to build an 8GPU mining rig and also we are going to keep our cost as minimum as possible. Today the cost of 1 XMR = $230. So, you will probably gain more.

Keep reading till the end I’ve also explained how you can get more return of investment by a simple trick.

If mining is not what you are looking for then you might want read my post on – Best cryptocurrencies to invest.

Why should You Mine Monero?

There are reason’s that you should start mining monero on your cryptocurrency mining rig. Here are few that I have listed them –

  1. If you are mining Ethereum with the same rig you will know that there is more heat generated. So, instantly your GPU temperature will rise up to 12-15 ºC. But, as soon as you will shift to Monero the temperature is lowered.
  2. While mining Monero the fans are running at 45{02190a9b1332e4bec47e9f1ca061cce33ac7e7e37d14cde27b27a3b21c20a1c1} and they are in perfect temperature. But, while its Ethereum I will have to tune the fan to be running at 60-70{02190a9b1332e4bec47e9f1ca061cce33ac7e7e37d14cde27b27a3b21c20a1c1}.
  3. If you will increase the speed of your GPU fan you will have more noise generated.
  4. If you are mining XMR rather any other cryptocurrency you will increase your GPU life.

So, these were few things about Monero Mining. As well you will need lesser power.

How to Build 8 GPU Monero Mining Rig?

Mining rig mainly consists of Graphics Cards that does the heavy tasks. Other components will be the motherboard, CPU, SSD, PSU, etc.

So, here as we are building 8 GPU mining rig we will be using AMD Graphics Cards because they can give the better hashrates for Monero than Nvidia.

But, which is the best GPU for mining Monero?

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Well, as per me I would go with either AMD RX 480 or AMD RX 580. Both of them have decent hashrates while mining XMR of 700 H/s. But, here I would also like to add is that if you are using RX 480 then the power required by a single Graphics Card will be 150W, while it will be 185 watts for RX 580.

But, both of them are good.

So, let’s start building our monero mining rig.

XFX GTS Black Edition RX 580 8GB / AMD Radeon Rx 480

AMD RX 480You will need 8 of them.

As we are building 8 GPU XMR mining rig we will need 8 Graphics Cards. But, as I have mentioned both Rx 580 and Rx 480 you can use both or any of them.

But, I would like to tell you that both of them produce 700 H/s while mining XMR. But, as far as power consumption is concerned Rx 480 will use 150W and Rx580 will use 185W.

So, if these two are not available in a huge amount you can buy 4 Rx 480 and 4 Rx 580. Also, many of these GPU’s are mostly out of stock but I would also tell you that you can look for used GPU on Amazon itself. As they are good and sell at lower price.

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You can even mine Ethereum with this rig. But, I would recommend you to go with Monero itself.

So, let’s calculate our hashrates –

1 Rx 480 or 580 will mine at – 700H/s,

So, 8 GPU will run at – 700 x 8 = 5600 H/s.

After, a while when you feel that you don’t want to mine you can always sell your GPU and be in profit either way.

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PCI-E 16x to 1x RISERS

RISERSRISERS are also important if you are going to attach your GPU to the motherboard. RISERS are few small cables that attach to the motherboard and the other end has a slot where graphics cards can fit.

Firstly, we all need our motherboard to support 8 RISERS. RISERS fit into PCIe slots so make sure that your motherboard has enough of PCIe slots to attach RISERS.

You will also need 2 m.2 PCIe extender so that we can attach 2 more RISERS to the motherboard that we are going to use.


ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 DDR4We need a motherboard that has 8 PCIe slots and ASUS PRIME Z270-P is the best 8 GPU motherboard that you can use. This motherboard has 7 PCI-E Slots and 2 m.2 slots where 2 more PCIe slots can be extended.

In short, this motherboard supports 9 PCIe slots and we will attach 8 GPU and one PCIe will be used to attach our storage drive.

This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and also Intel Processor, which I suppose is very good. The motherboard is cheap compared to others and is long lasting.

Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4

4GB DDR4 RAMAs we have used ASUS PRIME Z270-P Motherboard which supports DDR4 RAM we are using DDR4 4GB RAM. There will be no problem in using 4GB instead of 8GB as RAM doesn’t affect your mining efficiency or performance.

So, we are good to go with Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4.

Intel Celeron 

Celeron processorAs your motherboard supports Intel LGA 1151 we will be using Intel Celeron as our processor.

You don’t have to worry as we are using Celeron rather than any other high-end CPU like i3, i5, or i7. The thing is we are performing GPU mining, not GPU mining.

The need for CPU or processor is only for booting up the mining rig and running the mining software. Let’s not add extra cost and buy Intel Celeron. You can totally use Pentium processor.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

SSDFor storage, we are going to use SSD drives instead of HDD. Solid State drives are faster than HDD.

The main reason we are going to use SSD rather than HDD is that when you boot up your mining rig you will not have to wait for long time to start mining.

Also, if it’s the first time you are starting your mining rig you will have to reboot your mining rig several times. If it’s HDD then it will be a pain in the ***.

Yes, SSD is expensive than HDD but you can always use this SSD on other PC. Also, you don’t need any 500GB of space instead you can go with 120GB SSD without any problem.

Your mining rig profit will depend on – electricity and time. Time is money and we would also like to use less electricity as possible. Here, SSD consumes less energy than HDD.

EVGA 1000 GQ, 80+ GOLD 1000W PSU

EVGA 100W PSUYou will need 2 of them.

You don’t really want to burn your mining rig – Right?? So, sufficient power supply is needed. GPU’s consumes a lot of electricity, so choosing a sufficient and required PSU is very important.

So, here is a math –

GPU will consume about – 185 X 8 = 1480 W

Other components like motherboard, SSD, CPU, etc will consume about 250W.

Therefore, We need about 1730W of power.
I like to use only 80{02190a9b1332e4bec47e9f1ca061cce33ac7e7e37d14cde27b27a3b21c20a1c1} of PSU that we are using.

But, today we are going to use 2 1000W PSU that we will run in a sync and power your motherboard and GPU.

EVGA is one of the best power supply unit manufacturer.

Thermaltake Dual 24-Pin Mining Adapter Cable

Thermaltake Dual 24-Pin Mining Adapter CableAs I said we are going to use 2 PSU and run them equally to power our components – Adapter Cable is what going to help us do.

This is a simple cable that attaches to both the PSU wires and attaches to the motherboard. The price of adapter cable is like about $10 make sure that you buy this with the PSU to cut out the cost.

ATX Power switch

Power SwitchSo, we aren’t using any kind of cabin that has button start. So, how are you going to boot up your mining rig? By using these ATX power Switch it is easier to turn on and off your rig.

They are easy to attach to the motherboard and will really help you.

GPU Mining rig Open Air Frame Case

8 GPU Mining Rig FrameI hope you to cut out most of your investment in building your mining rig. Here you can build your own mining rig frame and also save some $150 to $200.

But, be sure that your mining rig has proper ventilation and does not generate much heat. I like to use some fans that cool GPU’s attached. You can attach Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 on your mining rig frame to keep proper airflow.

But if you do want to pick Veddha Professional 8 GPU Miner Case is one of the best. You can attach 8 fans on the rig which will keep your mining rig cool.


Monero is one of the best cryptocurrency right now for both to invest and mine. Monero today has lower difficulty than another cryptocurrency. But here is what I would like to say to you – “Nobody knew that Bitcoin mining will be so huge from the start. If you are starting right now you might be one of the profitable monero miner.”

Chances are that you will earn more mining monero as the prices of Monero are on the rise.

As I said at the start how can you recover your investment as early as possible?

Let’s say you mined 2 XMR today! and the price of 1 XMR is $100. But I would suggest you that you don’t sell it at the current price. Wait till the price of XMR is raised high.

Lets say that the price today of 1XMR increases and is $120 or $125 then its the best time to sell your Monero.

So, how much profit can you get with XMR mining rig?

If you mine with this rig and bios mod you will be able to generate ~$300 per month.

Update – As there has been a price boost you can actually mine more than $500 with this mining rig.

TOTAL ~ $3455(Estimated)

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8 GPU Monero Mining Rig
  • Efficiency
  • Price
  • ROI

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    1. Agreed! But I do not like to stress my CPU and it’s even hard if you work on something else and it will start hanging a lot.

  1. Hey, I built a rig based on this guide. A few things if you are thinking about building this:

    -Those fans have blue LED that are bright AF. If you sleep near this rig you will want fans without LED.

    -Windows 7 does not support 8 GPU so I ended up having to get Windows 10.


    1. As far as considering today!! It is the best setup you can get! With this rig, I’m getting about $420 per month and about $14 per day.
      Hope this helps!

    1. Hello Bruno,
      I would say that you might wanna use EWBF miner as that’s what everyone is using.
      Minergate is for someone who is not that technical. If you are going to set up a mining rig then you will have to learn few things.
      Hope I helped.

  3. What about using one of the Radeon RX Vega Cards
    •AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition: 1800H/s
    •AMD Radeon Vega 56 : 1940H/s
    •AMD Radeon Vega 64 : 2030H/s
    •AMD Radeon Vega 64 Custom Board Partner Card (using reference vBIOS): 2050H/s

  4. Sohan, nice post. Exactly what I was looking for.
    Quick question. So, if I need around 35-40 kH/s kind of rig, do I need to make more if these or is there any better alternative?

    When I say alternative I mean all that power in one single rig. I am looking to mine Monero ATM.

  5. philipe morison

    Hi guys
    I have a question about the conection psu to riser I need to plug all riser on the same power supply or I need to each card and riser on the same psu
    thanks and sorry for my English not my first language

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